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Through our award-winning facilities and maintenance management software, we are dedicated to helping organizations increase productivity, automate processes, ensure compliance, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Maintenance Login

Our maintenance maintenance management software solution was created to reach departmental objectives including increased productivity and cost reduction. It was designed in collaboration with maintenance managers from numerous California school districts. Maintenance Login manages departmental productivity based on key performance indicators.

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Facilities Login

Facilities Login is a web-based facility use reservation and invoice management system that allows you and your customers to create requests, view event calendars and access usage from any computer with Internet access. Facilities Login makes managing facility usage easy for the school sites and district alike.  It automates approvals, billing, accounting of site budgets (or allocation of capital budget reimbursements per SB1404), and ensures reimbursement to maintenance budgets for wear and tear, for efficient and correct management per Civic Center Act.  Simply said – it removes the loopholes of loose management and takes the headache out of facility use making your fee schedule  objective and accountability transparent.

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Inspection Login (e-FIT)

Our electronic Facility Inspection Tool (e-FIT) is an inspector-focused,  tablet optimized software program to conduct any inspection!  Designed to conduct inspections that have many inspection points/tasks, this tool is perfect for William’s Inspections, Playground Safety Inspections, Facility Assessment Inspections, NFPA Fire & Life Safety Inspections . . . any inspection.  Is works independent of your work order system and can forward or via an API (i.e. a tool that lets software talk to each other) send exception information to your work order system for in-depth tracking of repairs needs.  Call us today for an online demo or to schedule one for your staff.

Technology Login

Technology Login is a web-based technology desk program that our member districts have requested to manage the school I.T. requests. It provides a one-stop login site that allows users to jump between maintenance and I.T. requests seamlessly. It is now in phase 1 of beta testing.

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Why Use Maintenance Login

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...I love using FCP to create my weekend schedule for custodians. It’s great. I really like it.

Dee Romero, Administrative Assistant - Walnut Valley USD

Maintenance Login makes the daily management of work orders a breeze.

Erin Lewis, Administrative Secretary - Huntington Beach Joint Union HS District

MCP is very flexible and we use it for everything.

Mike Zureich, Director of M&O - Dublin Unified School District

This really helps keep us organized and efficient.

Mike Zureich, Director of M&O - Dublin Unified School District

MCP has been a great tool for our custodians. Now they are able to track their own work order status for their own building.

Denise Sliker, Administrative Assistant - Plainfield School District