Corporate Objectives

Continuous Process Improvement

Factored into every feature and design enhancement is the concept of continuous process improvement. The concepts are not new, in fact they are timeliness and will live long after we pass custodial ownership of our properties and responsibilities on to the next generation. Whether we share methods of managing staff e.g. Train > Measure > Report, or share better reports to highlight accomplishments; each of these ways advance the cause and make all our jobs a bit easier, and our lives better. Our administration of the membership is that of a stewardship to share the very best of methods of facilities & operations management.

The membership steering objective is to be the core management system for the maintenance and operations department. Specifically, an objectives based work-flow management system for work orders utilizing the best practices of its members, and enhanced via the technique of continuous process improvement. The design both manages the productivity and staffing of the maintenance & operations department, but also seeks to provide management of service levels based on worker productivity/staffing levels. This allows for the forecasting of service level impact, resulting from changes to staffing. Technologically, Maintenance Login is designed as an internet native system for access by users from anywhere, anytime. Additionally, the internet native design of the system allows for real-time enhancements and monitoring 24/7.

Login Logix Corporate Monthly Objectives

I. Enhance Value of the Software:

  1. Continuous Process Improvements; make ways for screens to work faster and easier (intuitive).
  2. Add features that make software more complete (a complete Maintenance Management System)
  3. Add features that are configurable so members can turn them on/off

II. Enhance Value of Membership

  1. Knowledge Share (toolbox) – e.g. RFP’s, funding sources, management methods.
  2. Establish associations with best of breed providers of related serviced (e.g. safety training videos, consultants) to make member jobs easier.

III. Seek to reduce Operating Costs to Members

  1. Reduce cost of operating the membership – identify and automate any labor activity that could be automated through software (e.g. importing data).
  2. Review operating costs for improvements (e.g. licenses, supplies, providers of service).