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Products and Services

We are dedicated to providing resources that increase productivity, automate processes, ensure compliance, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Maintenance Connect Pro

Maintenance Connect Pro’s maintenance management software solution was created to reach departmental objectives including increased productivity and cost reduction. It was designed in collaboration with maintenance managers from numerous California school districts. MCP manages departmental productivity based on key performance indicators.

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Facility Connect Pro

FCP is a web-based facility management software system that allows you and your customers to create requests, view event calendars and access data from any computer with Internet access. FCP makes managing facility usage easy, efficient and profitable.

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Tech Connect Pro

TCP is a web-based technology desk management system. It ties into the work order and facilities use system (although can run independent too) to provide schools with a single sign in location for all of their district needs. It is designed so you and your customers can create tickets/requests, view staff assignments and repair calendar, conduct asset tracking for eRate audits and inventory. The program was designed in conjunction with Santa Ana USD as lead agency with a goal to aide with I.T. staff work flow management and provide the SLD auditors doing PIA reviews the best possible eRate inventory support documents.

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Professional Services

We are school district operations professionals with extensive facilities, transportation, and operations experience. If you need to jump start a program, or get organized, we can provide consulting services that offer smart solutions. Our knowledge set spans:

  • eRate (involved since year-1 in 1999)
  • California Civic Center Act and SB1404
  • Facility Use Right Sizing – with the purchase of our Facility Use program, we offer a right-sizing consulting service where we can provide onsite recalculation of applicable fees, provide project management of transition from manual to Facility Connect Pro, including board meeting, community meetings.¬†¬† We’ll come in and take you from where you are to a fully vetted approved process that takes into account your district needs and politics, that your board and public and staff are comfortable with going forward.
  • LCAP (California)
  • FRISK ¬†training (for progressive disciplinary documentation, i.e. managing staff out of organization correctly)
  • The School Facility Program
  • School Transportation
  • The Williams Settlement and Emergency Repair Program
  • Maintenance and Operations

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