FCP Demo

Facilities Connect Pro’s Introduction and Overview (3 Minute Video)

See the facilities management software system overview here. A valuable tool for introducing you and others involved in evaluating software solutions to the many features and benefits of Facilities Connect Pro.

The Admin Perspective

View here how your site administrators can review submitted requests for merit, approve orders on behalf of their site, assign orders to on-site custodial or maintenance personnel, and close orders.

Part I – New Requests
(10 Minute Video)
View here to see how your facilities administrators can place a new request. See the facilities management software dashboard where convenient links take you directly to complete order details.

Part II – Managing Request Details (11 Minute Video)
Here you will see how to manage the facility request details such as approval history, request for insurance and approving group classifications, see how easy it is to send approvals to group contacts automatically.

Part III – Admin Calendar (5 Minute Video)
See how user friendly the Admin Calendar is where you can filter by day, week, and month and enjoy a convenient click and drag tool that will automatically send new approval emails to approvers when times change.

Part IV – Accounting Process (7 Minute Video)
Take the hassle out of managing your facilities invoicing. With just the click of your mouse, our facilities management software conveniently displays complete account activity and batch print invoices formatted specifically for your windowed envelopes.

Part V – Reports Menu (7 Minute Video)
Here you will view sales reports, have the ability to view and edit expired insurance forms, as well as automatically send out emails to request updated insurance letters. You will also see how to create Set-Up Lists to easily add to Event requests.

Part VI – Manage Menu (9 Minute Video)
Under FCP’s Manage menu you will see how flexible our facilities management software solution really is. Here you will learn how to customize your entire website home page without calling IT. See how simple it is creating group, property and facility profiles, and then easily ascertain how to configure the website.

Part VII – Approver, Calendar and Profile (5 Minute Video)
Simplicity and efficiency are a must for the Approvers. With our facilities management software, they can view automatically generated, detailed emails that request their approval for sites and/or events. They have their own approval request queue where they can view all the details of requests being presented. Continue on and view the public calendar and learn how to manage your profile.

The Requestor’s Perspective (13 Minute Video)
See how easy it is for your requestor to place a facilities usage request online. Also see what other convenient software features are available to these users such as a public calendar and the ability to cancel specific dates from their own Facilities Request View.