Inspection Login with e-FIT Tool

Inspection Login

Ensuring inspections are done correctly from a management point of view, this software steps your technicians (or inspectors) through the series of steps that comprise the inspection.  Ensure 100% compliance with industry standards (or create your own standards and inspection lists).  We have community-shared inspection templates for common inspections and have designed Inspection Login to easily import data and locations based on previous inspections.  Simply copy, or paste, a previous inspection onto our Excel template.  Upload it to the system, which automatically creates your new inspection from the previous one.  Replicate tech inspections on demand, or turn them “On”, and they can be scheduled just like a recurring meeting.

We have API’s that allow it to interface with other programs, and it’s designed by maintenance management professionals to capture the hard details.  Easy enough for inspectors, or even an entry level technician, to get through a very complex set of tasks with ease.

Featuring e-FIT, the easy way to track and report California’s Williams Facility Inspections:

  • Tablet and phone based data collection
  • Captures inspection history
  • Outputs directly to the SAB form!