Maintenance Login demos

A day in the life of …

…the Originator (4 Minute Video)

See how easy it is for your end users to place a work order online. Also see what other convenient features are available to these users.

…the Order Approver (3 Minute Video)

View here how your site administrators can review submitted requests for merit, approve orders on behalf of their site, assign orders to on-site custodial or maintenance personnel, and close orders.

…the Order Administrator

See the maintenance management software overview and how the M & O Manager can orchestrate the entire operation. This overview will demonstrate the Manager’s access rights to add, edit and receive new, existing and recurring work orders. See how to manage your staff’s time by scheduling on the calendar. View the reporting and exporting capabilities. See how to manage property information, track equipment and materials, maintain employee rates, as well as maneuver through your website options including your own welcome page.

Part I – Receive, update and close work orders (7 Minute Video)

  • Batch Printing
  • Calendar
  • Add/Edit Costs

Part II – Recurring Work Orders (preventative maintenance software) (3 Minute Video)
See how recurring work orders are created and managed.

Part III Reporting and Exporting (5 Minute Video)
Learn how easy our maintenance management software can generate reports and monitor progress.

Part IV – Manage your website (4 Minute Video)
Under MCP’s Manage menu you will see how flexible our maintenance management software solution really is. Here you will learn how to customize your entire website home page without calling IT. See how simple it is creating profiles, and then easily ascertain how to configure the website.

Part V – Toolbox (2 Minute Video)
Find helpful tools and resources to simplify tasks.